I Gotta GIG!!!

One of the coolest places to play in Echo Park!

STORIES BOOKSTORE AND CAFE. Sunset/Lemoyne, Los Angeles.

Beer, Wine, Coffee, Books and real good food...And Music!

WEDNESDAY APRIL 11TH, 8PM (i go on at 9).

I just might bring the F O G!

Come on out Angelinos and the rest!

Sometimes time.

Who knows where time goes? People have their theories... Some do not believe that time exists. I'm not sure myself, but I swear I hear it slipping away from time to...Well, you get the idea.

I have so many projects that I want to get going on and get finished...I have two books that I'm writing, a screen play, two ceramics projects and of course writing and recording music.

Limited time, limited money, sometimes limited attention span and a habit of getting very distracted by LIFE are all working in tandem to keep me from my goals. But, I'm in a new locale, have a chance for a fresh start so to speak, so we shall see...This could be the year!

2018, I say let's see what you got!


Been spending more time in LA these days. Some great music happening in the Southland! Two favorite spots so far have offered in the round/open mic style nights that highlight some great unknown and known local artists.

Here are two places I'd love to play...

Hotel Cafe in Hollywood has a Monday Monday night on you guessed it... Monday nights, hosted by Josiah Leming of American Idol fame that features up and comers on the LA scene. Artists sing three songs each in a smoothly run open mic style format, although I gather the players are picked before hand to ensure that the shared talent is solid and comparable in skill and originality. Five bucks gets you in for a full night of music amoungst a lively and receptive audience.

Genghis Cohen has a little music room just off of their Chinese restaurant that provides a space for local and traveling musicians...The nights I've attended were "in the round" type shows hosted by Jeff Young, keyboardist and vocalist who has an impressive track record of collaborations with big stars like Sting, Jackson Browne and Steely Dan. The show offers up impressive singer songwriters as well as Jeff Young himself taking turns at the mic. I'm told that occasionally a well known artist might attend, and on the last night I went, Jackson Browne was sitting right in front of me...Nice guy by the way! The sound in the room is excellent and for ten bucks, it's quite a bargain!


The recordings are happening and I'm tying up some threads for some stubborn songs that are resisting the muse...I'll be offering an entry into this years NPR Tiny Desk Contest, so I'll post that here soon! Hope all are having a great Winter! Be careful out there and stay creative!

Time Moves Like A Clock...

New songs written. Pre-recordings are happening. Project "Solo Album" is underway. I'll be dropping some more hints as the days progress...War, Love, tiny Moments captured in the web of a mind, and tired cliches shaken awake to new language...It'll all be there, it always was.

No Oscar Bid, But...

So, we weren't one of the lucky five to be nominated for "Best Original Song" at this years Oscar Awards...But, what a great crash course in trying!!! We were in the "war room" sun up to long past sundown for many days making phone calls, making new connections and researching our best options for publicity and press!!! I'm not one bit bummed about not getting nominated, we tried our best with what little time and resources available to us... Just hoping that with the right combination of song, film and luck, that we find ourselves back in this position with a more positive outcome in the future! Thank you to all that contributed time, energy, expertise and your own hard earned money to our goal!!! P


A song ("HAPPY") I wrote with my friend Erin Sax is one of 74 contenders for this years OSCARS BEST ORIGINAL SONG!!! We've worked tirelessly to get the word out, and with the help of friends, family and kind strangers we have crowdfunded over $8,000 dollars for a rotating ad in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (THR.COM). We've also been going down each and every path that might lead to some press for our story....

Happy was written for the film Altered Minds by Michael Wecshler starring Judd Hirsch, a haunting movie who's theme of escaping the darkness is reflected in HAPPY, the only lyrical song in the film. As I type this blog, the Academy Voters are finalizing the voting process...We are the Dark Horse Underdogs in this years field of entrees, but we haven't given up yet!!!

Happy - Altered Minds by Erin Sax and Patrick Kelly

    Here is the video of "HAPPY" for the film Altered Minds with Huffington Post comment below...

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 2.25.57 PM.png